ThinkQuantum Solutions & Applications

Quantum Communication

Today’s cryptographic techniques  are created to solve complex computational problems: their solution, with the best known algorithms, requires an extremely long time even with the most powerful computers available.

However, a future development of mathematical techniques or the advent of quantum computers will put these classical cryptographic methods at risk. Maturity of quantum technologies represents today the best answer to the growing demand for security in communications: an encrypted communication can be based on the exchange of a key based on the physical status of photons and thanks to quantum properties endeavors attempts can be identified. These systems are commonly referred as Quantum Key Distribution, QKD.

ThinkQuantum QKD solutions cover fiber, free-space and hybrid links and, while connecting more than two points, they come both in daisy-chain (serial) and star configuration. Devices are based on patented designs and they can be easily integrated into the current telecommunications networks.


  • End-customer demanding for the highest security standards such as banks, insurance companies, data and service industries;
  • Network and cryptografic services providers: ICT partners, TLC suppliers, service providers.

Quantum Communication for Space Applications


QKD technology plays an important role in future communication both for Space Applications and Ground Applications enabled by the use of satellites (es. to securly link distant points on the Earth).  ThinkQuantum QKD technology enables space-qualified systems with satellites-to-ground and intra-satellite communications schemes. The segment is expected to remain a governmental business driven by space programs, in the short-term and become one of the most relevant segments of the New Space Economy in the mid-term.

Quantum Random Number Generation

Today Random Number Generation is of fundamental importance for many Industires and specifically for the security application. All cryptographic protocols (both classical and quantum) rely on the availability of private random numbers and any predictability about their generation can weaken the protocol.

Despite their relevance, random numbers today used come from deterministic methods and are in fact just pseudo-random number. Maturity of quantum technologies represents today the best answer to the need of true random numbers. Intrinsic randomness of Quantum physics is exploit in order to extract and generate random numbers. These methodology is commonly referred as Quantum Random Number Generation, QRNG.

ThinkQuantum QRNG devices provides random number with highest bit rate and enhanced security. Devices can be easily integrated into the security systems and professional electronics for a variety of applications.


  • Providers of security systems and classical cryptographic services
  • High-end Electronic Manufacturers demanding for higher security and truly random number generations for diverse applications such as Computation, Automotive, Professional & Consumer Electronics,…