QKD products

QUKY, the Quantum Key Distribution Platform by ThinkQuantum, provides BB84-based quantum-safe cryptographic keys with high quality in terms of security (QRN2Qubit direct stream), robustness and reliability. The QKD platform includes QUKY-TX (Alice) and QUKY-RX (Bob).

Key features


High key generation thanks to the lowest QBER provided by the embedded iPognac (patented solution)


Efficient Qubit-based self-synchronization does not require additional fibers

True QRNG Stream 
QRN2Qubit direct stream (no pseudo-random, no expansion) from embedded QRNG to Qubit Preparation Stage

Robust & Reliable

Quick installation, robust and reliable devices coming with hot-swappable power supply system (1+1 redundant)

QKD system based on BB84 protocol and polarization encoding
Our system enables the implementation of complex network topologies. Compatible with ETSI 014, ETSI 004
Smart system designed to work with either fiber or free-space optical link


Alice & Bob do not need to be matched: the same device can work with different units
Tailored solution
Flexible design for customized solutions (i.e. SPAD or SNSPD, co-existence of Quantum & Classical on same fiber)


ThinkQuantum, based in Italy with an Italian shareholder structure, offers a reliable European Supply Chain

Technical specifications

  • Key security parameter: 1e-15 (@10^7 lenght) [typ]
  • Secret Key Rate: 2.2 kb/s (@13 dB) [typ]
  • Max losses (length @0.2dB/km) of quatum channel: standard 20 dB (100 km), premium 24 dB (120 km)
  • Encoding scheme: polarization, efficient BB84 decoy
  • Embedded high-speed QRNG for direct stream to qubit preparation
  • Key management system: ETSI 014, ETSI 004 (other protocols on request)
  • Synchronization channel not needed thanks to Qubit4Sync
  • Quantum channel: dark fiber preferred (multiplex with data dWDM, on request)
  • Dimensions: 19″ rackmount, 2U chassis, 764 mm depth
  • Interfaces: SC/UPC (quantum), three RJ45 (service, key, management)
  • Operating conditions: 10°C to 30°C, 80% r.h. non condensing
  • Storage conditions: -10°C to 60°C, 90% r.h. non condensing (30°C)

Markets & Applications

  • TLC Networks
  • ICT & Data Centers
  • End-customer demanding for the highest security standards such as finance, insurance, data and service industries, critical infrastructures